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This page contains many Bible Studies and training programs that you can freely download and use. I hope that you find the studies helpful and that the Lord will bless you richly as you study His Word.

The files are all in pdf format.  When you click on a file it will download to your computer and open. You can then read through the study and print it off if you want a copy.

If you don't have Adobe Reader to read pdf files you can download it here:

Bible Studies on the Christian life

The grace of God

Training programmes

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ
- a training programme for those who want to share the gospel and lead others to Christ.

- a training programme for those who want to help others come to maturity in Christ through coaching and mentoring.

Getting your message through
- a training programme for those who want to communicate the Word of God through teaching and preaching.

Sharing Jesus with children

- a training programme for parents and children's workers.  It contains sections on song-leading, memory verses, telling stories, preparing and presenting a lesson, discipline, leading a child to Christ, and family devotions.

Small group leadership
- a training programme for cell group or home group leaders.

Bible Studies on being effective in ministry

Doing what Jesus did 

Faith in action 

Why Jesus was so effective

Praying for people with problems 

Using your gifts and talents

Effective and fruitful ministry

Biblical leadership

Bible studies on the Christian family

Being a better father

Being a better husband

Kingdom living: a major series about living in the Kingdom of God

Kingdom living

Radio programmes

Click here to download and listen to programmes broadcast on Coast Access Radio:

What is a Christian?

Phases in life

The truth will set you free

Knowing God

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